Real talk, real connection ...

Do you already speak Spanish, but...

are you still having communication challenges with your Spanish-speaking partner, friend or relative?

The language barrier...

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Did I say something wrong?

The awkward silences.

The never ending discussions ...

Group SessionsB

Connect better with your Spanish-speaking partner, friends, or family members. Communication techniques applicable to essential interactions.

Healthier relationships – Stronger bonds. Honest, effective and caring connection.

Conversation workshops based on cultural insights and social dynamics that influence communication in Spanish-speaking environments.

Reconnect: Repair and prevent unnecesary conflicts and misunderstandings.

  • Do you struggle to find the right words and approach to address sensitive conversations in Spanish?
  • Are you concerned about misunderstandings and misinterpretations in your conversations with your Spanish speaking partner?
  • Do you fear that you might unknowingly offend your partner due to a lack of understanding of their cultural norms and expectations?
  • Are you afraid that being honest and upfront about your thoughts and feelings might lead to guilt or initiate a long and complicated discussion that only further complicates matters.
  • Do you often feel like some important discussions with your partner don’t move forward, leading to a lack of progress and conection in your relationship?
  • Are you hesitant to be emotionally vulnerable? Do you find it challenging to express with clarity your emotions and needs in Spanish?
  • Are you tired of not feeling seen and heard in your relationship?
  • Do you struggle to find motivation to listen to your partner’s needs due to the lack of clarity and emotional charge that these conversations bring? Does it leave you feeling disconnected and misunderstood?

Activate your communication superpowers with 100% practical challenges and workshops for Spanish learners with Spanish-speaking relatives or partner. The programs are based on:

  1. Communication and repair strategies for couple relationships: Oriented to avoid unnecessary conflicts and heal damages that affect closeness.
  2. Guided practices to promote open communication, trust and support in family contexts and romantic relationships.
  3. Workshops to improve understanding in cross-cultural relationships.


Soy Milena Palacio


My Spanish workshops for nurturing communication are specifically designed to help you connect with your Spanish-speaking loved ones on a deeper level.
Through the programs, you will learn strategies and techniques to bring clarity, improve your communication skills in Spanish, and create a safe and supportive environment for open and honest discussions with your Spanish-speaking partner, friends or relatives.

You will understand better the unique dynamics and cultural nuances that come into play when communicating in Spanish, it will empower you to overcome language barriers and foster a stronger connection.

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