Are you passionate about making a difference in the world? My 4-week online Spanish workshops are designed for a close-knit group of four learners, where language meets purpose. Dive into the realms of environmental protection and social change, mastering specific vocabulary and exploring current topics from around the globe. My goal is to equip you with the language tools to engage in meaningful conversations, express your opinions, share experiences, and connect on a deeper level in Spanish

Engage in meaningful conversations

Express your thoughts with clarity Spanish.

Enhance your confidence speaking Spanish in diverse social settings and communities.


Monthly Spanish Workshops (4 Sessions).
Topics: Environmental Advocacy and Social Change. Levels: Intermediate - Advanced (B1-C1)

  1. Focused 4-Week Program: Immerse yourself in a dynamic learning experience with one session per week over 4 weeks. This condensed format ensures you quickly acquire the skills to navigate conversations around vital global issues.

  2. Mastering Challenging Grammar: Tackle the nuances of Spanish grammar that often pose challenges for learners. From intricate verb tenses to subtle grammatical structures, our workshops are tailored to help you grasp these concepts and use them in real situations.

  3. Specific Vocabulary: From climate change terminology to social justice jargon, our workshops zoom in on the vocabulary you need to articulate your thoughts on environmental and social issues.

  4. Global Perspectives: Explore current events and topics from various corners of the world, gaining insights into diverse cultural approaches to environmental protection and social change.

  5. Interactive Discussions: Move beyond surface-level conversations. Engage in discussions that encourage you to express your opinions, share personal experiences, and connect emotionally in Spanish with the issues that matter most to you.

  6. New Topic Every Two Weeks: Stay current and relevant. Practice with a fresh theme every two weeks, ensuring you’re consistently exposed to new vocabulary and perspectives.

  7. Community Interaction: Learning doesn’t stop with the weekly sessions. Join our dedicated community group to engage with fellow learners, share insights, and participate in additional interactions designed to reinforce your learning throughout the week.

  • Learners who want to improve their Spanish from intermediate level to fluent and have passion for nature and social change.
  • Advocates, activists, and individuals wanting to express themselves fluently in Spanish on global issues.
  • Those seeking a small, supportive group setting for interactive and personalized learning.
Actividades en audio y video. Nuevas secciones cada semana .

4 Weekly sessions – 1.5 hours each

Interactive activities and practical examples make learning effective and enjoyable.

Forget about stress and frustration when applying new concepts or fear of starting conversations in Spanish.

Small groups. Max 4 learners.

Practica español cada semana. Entérate y aprende vocabulario importante en contexto.

Express your ideas, experiences and opinions in Spanish more fluently and naturally.

Learn and use advanced concepts in real situations. Clarify your doubts, practice and improve!

Celebrate cultural and natural diversity in community.

Get inspired and learn about current global topics in the context of the environment and social change.

Learn Spanish and connect better with your communities and coworkers.

My mission is to help you
fostering profound connections in Spanish.

I am Milena Palacio,
Spanish teacher specialized in cross-cultural communication.

Testimonials from my students:

I would absolutely recommend Mile if you are looking to learn or improve on your Spanish. Her delivery of a well-organized curriculum has helped me learn quickly, thoroughly enjoying every class. Mile quickly puts you at ease and enables you to start speaking Spanish from the outset. Her approach is modern and refined, incorporating well-crafted exercises along the way which are both fun and effective. With over 80 hours of classes chalked up, I would simply say look no further. Having attempted French in the past in a more contemporary fashion, I can say with good authority that Mile’s style is so much more effective – and FUN!!
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Christopher Balde
I've been working with Mile for over a year, taking multiple lessons each week via Skype. I have also done Spanish lessons via Skype with several other teachers but nobody has compared to Mile. She is far and away the BEST I've worked with. Clear and organized, easy to understand. Her lessons are fun and always customized to my needs with lots positive feedback and corrections. I can not recommend her enough to anyone looking to learn Spanish.
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Will Tobin
Milena is an amazing Spanish teacher she quickly helped me improve my speaking skills and adapted her methods to what I wanted to achieve and also gave me helpful assignments to do in my own time outside of class which help me quickly get my Spanish speaking skills to a really solid level.
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Elliott Benjamin Crawford
I had the pleasure of having Mile as a Spanish teacher for the four weeks myself and my girlfriend were learning Spanish in Medellin. It was a great experience and really helped me build a good foundation of Spanish for our further travels in Latin America. She was flexible, accommodating, thorough and persistent and her attitude was fantastic. If you are looking to learn Spanish from any level in Medellin you really need to look no further.
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Zane Pragt

Estoy estudiando español con Milena y ya llevo un año. Me encantan las clases. Milena es un tipo de maestra que ajusta las clases a sus estudiantes de acuerdo al nivel e intereses. Para mí las clases con ella son como conversaciones con una amiga y al mismo tiempo estoy aprendiendo la lengua. Ella corrige mis errores de manera muy amable. Siempre está de buen ánimo y crea un ambiente cordial y divertido.
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Tamara Akhieva

I have been a student of Mile’s for a number of years. I really enjoy our classes and I learn something new in every one! She is organized and incredibly reliable, and I’d recommend her for any level of study. As a person, she is extremely kind and patient with me (which every language learner needs) so practice conversations are fun and always comfortable. The time we've spent on pronunciation, sentence structure, and word order has given me much more confidence in speaking Spanish! I feel so lucky to have found her for help with this journey, and I’m amazed at how much she has taught me. I highly endorse her!
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Craig Jaakkola

Milena is an outstanding Spanish coach. You can hire an ok Spanish teacher, you can hire a better Spanish teacher, or you can hire the best, someone who lifts your performance in all facets, Milena. She's helped me professionally through her lessons and the return on investment from our Spanish classes has been insane.
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Hugh James
Milena is a great teacher as well as a very friendly and fun person. She is very patient and has plenty of experience dealing with basic Spanish speakers. I cannot recommend her enough!!
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Niall Moore

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