I am Milena Palacio.

Spanish Language Coach specialized in cross-cultural communication.

It has been 10 years teaching Spanish and learning about intercultural communication. Now I am starting a new next chapter. Maybe you too.

Living abroad, learning English and German  and the process to improve my own interaction in cross-cultural settings have changed the way I perceive communication.

What I have learned: Connecting in a second language goes beyond words and grammar. You know that:  There is so much more that connects us, but so hard to express that in words sometimes.

My mission: offer you a safe and fun environment to take your Spanish to the next level while practicing effective communication skills, so you can connect depper with your loved ones and communities.



This project is dedicated to motivated Spanish learners:

  • Ready to create a safe space for their cross-cultural relationship.
  • Looking for ways to improve their confidence speaking Spanish in important conversations and being able to express needs and emotions with clarity.  
  • Who believe that challenges can be handled with less conflict and complications.
  • Committed to offer and cultivate sustaining meaningful connections with their Spanish – speaking loved ones.
  • Aspiring to embrace openness in giving and receiving affection..
  • Who want to feel heard and valued.
  • Prepared to construct strong, caring relationships that can transcend cultural and generational differences through open communication and understanding.
  • Seeking to establish a nurturing environment that acknowledges and celebrates each person’s potential, moving away from communication patterns rooted in mistakes and blame.

Communication techniques applicable to daily interactions, aimed to connecting better with Spanish-speaking partners, friends, or family

Healthier relationships – Stronger bonds.   Honest, effective and caring connection in Spanish.

Conversation workshops based on cultural insights and social dynamics that influence communication in Spanish-speaking environments.

Reconnect. Repair and prevent unnecessary conflicts and misunderstandings related to language and communication.

My journey...

¡It has been a decade since I started working in the field of intercultural communication! Here I share with you an overview of this incredible journey: 

  • 2010, Putumayo (Colombia):

The roots of this journey trace back to my time as a teacher in a jungle region between Ecuador and Colombia. That experience truly changed my perception of Colombia and its nature and also the important roll of learning and teaching.

  • 2010. Between Colombia and Germany:

Subsequently, I re-dived into my chemical engineering career. Those experiences made me re-think my role in this world. My experiences working in public water treatment services, then in the mining industry, and finally in research settings were eye-opening and in some ways disheartening. That eventually led me back to teaching, where I always found genuine connection, inspiration, greater impact and joy.

  • 2013, Medellin:

I began teaching Spanish to volunteers, expats, and travelers in Medellin. Some years later, with my Spanish students and friends, we created a project to teach English to Colombians in the famous Comuna 13 in Medellín. That was one of the most enriching experiences I have ever had! More about it here.

  • 2018. A new start in Germany: 

Upon moving to Germany, I had the fortune to continue teaching Spanish to my students online, with the goal to go beyond linguistic proficiency to a model oriented to cultivating meaningful connections in Spanish with family, partners, friends, and the communities they engage with through volunteering or other interactions. That’s how I embarked on a journey to explore communication approaches that prove effective in fostering better connections within cross-cultural relationships.

  • 2019 to 2024. A new chapter: 

This exploration led me through the principles of Nonviolent Communication, the foundations of Solution-Focused Brief Therapy, Transparent Communication among others. I was fascinated to learn about approaches that provide a solid foundation for building stronger connections, navigating crises, and handling disagreements with greater adeptness. This learning has been immensely enriching, influencing not only my professional endeavors and projects but also enhancing my personal relationships. This growth has been particularly significant as I navigate life abroad and cultivate my own cross-cultural relationship with my partner, his and my family and new friends we meet all the time in our way. 

From 2024 my mission is to offer Spanish classes online for learners who want to use their Spanish in the contexts of cross-cultural relationships with their partner, relatives and friends and for social and environmental development. 

Learning Spanish, but struggling to connect with your loved ones, even in your own language?

For centuries we have been believing that learning a language is mostly about mastering a set of rules, expressions, and words that we need to memorize with perfection.

But you have probably noticed how difficult it can be to express a simple opinion, apology or thought even in your own language, and that, after years of using it. We might know the grammar and pronunciation, but there is much about communication, listening and empathy we still need to learn, not only as individuals, but as societies. 

Learning a language is a profound journey for many of us. For me it has been the beginning of a new life where I really started to learn about the world and about myself. I feel like speaking a new language has been a great opportunity to find new version of me and to discover more talents. It is like learning all over again and keep expanding your mind.

I noticed that it was easier for me to speak about tricky topics in other languages. It has been like finally training myself to express my ideas authentically. Since that, I have been learning communication methods that let me finally speak and listen to others in ways that connect us. What a change!

My invitation for you is: Let´s learn real communication in Spanish, so you can express effectively and connect with your beloved Spanish speakers. Then you can also apply all that learning in your own language with all your loved ones and communities. 

Learning a second language is a great opportunity to really improve our communication skills. So we can connect deeply, support and feel supported and overcome crisis together. 

No more fear of making mistakes when learning a new language. 

No more fear of expression ourselves authentically. 

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